Tranquil Rose


Ingredients: Rose Petals, Rosehip, Cinnamon, Ginger, Lemon Balm, Lemon Grass.


Taste: A piquant flavour, with the mild sourness of rosehips and lemongrass blended with the sweetness of cinnamon.

Rose petals and rosehips are full of vitamin A and D and provide a range of benefits, including the healing of acne and other skin conditions, production of collagen to support healthy skin, and improving the function of the liver and gall bladder.

All of my teas are blended so that the herbs complement each other for best efficacy.

*Herbs are a good addition to a holistic health plan which includes nutrition, exercise and consultation with your doctor when necessary.

Directions: Steep 1 heaping teaspoon of mix per cup of boiling water. Strain and serve.

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1 Metric Cup (95 grams), 3 Metric Cups (285 grams), 7 Metric Cups (665 grams)


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