Liquorice Lovers

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Ingredients: Liquorice Root, Fennel Seeds, Aniseeds, Egyptian Mint.


Taste: Full bodied sweet liquorice and anise flavour, with a fresh hint of mint.

Liquorice Lovers may be drunk at any time, and is helpful for relieving stomach pain, nausea, coughing and sore throats.

Prepare by steeping 1 heaping teaspoon of mix per cup of boiling water. Steep for 5 minutes or more, strain and serve.

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1 Metric Cup (100 grams), 3 Metric Cups (300 grams), 7 Metric Cups (700 grams)

2 reviews for Liquorice Lovers

  1. Aquila Gagnon

    As a liquorice lover myself, this tea is very enjoyable. Sweet taste and refreshing. Definitely a favourite.

  2. Cheryl Cameron

    This tea is delicious and smooth. Best licorice tea I have tried.

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